All our LEETHA products are made of the finest materials and produced exclusively in Italy.
Washed with clear water from natural sources, our products are eco-chic and friendly.

Our products meet the highest ecological standards. 
The entire supply chain is certified by the Health and Textile Association and it is able to comply with the limits enforced by the Guidelines for eco-toxicological requirements for clothing, leather goods, footwear and accessories of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and Health and Textile Association.
To the above information we can join the below certifications:
-              ISO 14001 certification – Certified Environmental System
-              ISO 45001 certification - Certified Health and Safety System
-              ITF certification – Certified traceability production
-              Renewable energy certification – Certified 100% energy renewable
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We are confident in our pieces and therefore we guarantee a lifetime of wear. If a sweater from the TIMELESS collection has a small hole from a moth, cigarette or anything else, we collect these pieces twice a year (January and September) and for a minimal cost of 80-100 Euros we will try to repair them (not insured but we will try our best). Please note: repairs can take 2-3 months as they are done by hand by an old-fashioned technique to guarantee top quality. 

Please take contact only by mail :