LEETHA is the essence of an exclusive, Parisian, high-luxury Cashmere brand, created by Caroline NIELSEN, daring to wear the best quality yarns combined with sensual, subtle edgy and cuts. Inspired by two fashion icons from the 1970s, Talitha GETTY and Lee RADZIWILL, Caroline decided to name her brand a contraction of the surnames of these two strong women.

Caroline wanted to bring her own lifestyle as well as a real touch of well-being concept. To be feminine is a true state of mind. A complete wardrobe designed as her dream closet including knitwear that is timeless but with subtle cuts, day evening wear, sober flashy monochrome colors exclusive funky prints. Designing key timeless designs, combining style, desire, softness and comfort, LEETHA was born.

All our LEETHA products are designed in Paris but made of the finest materials and produced exclusively in Italy. 

Washed with clear water from natural sources, our products are eco-chic and friendly and as a matter of concern we try to meet the highest ecological standards.